Online Ordering

We like to do things in-house.  Sure, we grow our own food–that’s a big deal.  We make our own bread, cheese, yoghurt, salad dressings, and sauces–maybe that’s somewhat expected.  We also design and cut our own furniture, which is a bit strange, but we enjoy it.  We thought, why not–let’s also create our own online ordering platform.  We didn’t do this from scratch though; we used a cloud based POS system called Revel, and adapted it to our needs, translated it into Turkish, etc.  Why go through so much trouble?  Because we get much more flexibility in designing our menu that offers literally millions of unique choices to our customers.  We can make much quicker changes when we want to add/delete menu items based on availability of ingredients.  We get to own our own data.  And last but not least, we don’t have to pay crazy commissions to a third party that uses its monopolistic market power to extract all the profits from small ventures like us.  With the money we save, we can offer highest quality food at (hopefully) affordable prices.  People ask us (sometimes incredulously) how we can use organic ingredients and manage to sell the food at our prices.  That’s how…  So go ahead, order online using our own portal:

It’s a work in progress, and with your input, we can make it better.  So please don’t be shy to give us feedback.