We design urban farming systems to grow food locally.


We aim to make them decorative, yet also productive. We strictly prioritize sustainable materials and production methods. We use the most innovative technologies with care not to dominate nature, but to collaborate with it.

We build and maintain urban farms throughout Istanbul.


Our goal is to demonstrate that it is possible to grow food even in the most central locations of a big city. We convert unused spaces offered to us–both indoors and outdoors–into  ecological farms of various scales.

We occasionally offer a selection from our produce directly to the market. 


Currently, only microgreens can be ordered through our online ordering platform as we are using our harvest mostly in our own kitchens, and sharing the rest with our volunteers and partners. 

Do you have access to an unused space such as a flat rooftop, backyard, terrace, or an empty area indoors at a central location in the city, and are interested in growing food there? We would be happy to discuss our products and services for creating a productive urban farm and healthy ecosystem of any size.