Where the food reflects the values of the host…


From exhibition openings to receptions at gatherings with a social or environmental content, we provide a customized catering service that adheres to our commitment to using local and organic ingredients. Our aim is to create plates with high sensory impact as well as a memorable story. Needless to say that we always choose environmentally sustainable products, and put great emphasis on minimizing waste.    

When eating healthy, tasty, and environmentally responsible food is also good for business…


Whether it is a board meeting, important presentation, or a regular staff lunch, good food affects the mood of all participants. Our buffet-style lunch that allows sharing, increases variety while minimizing food waste and lowering cost. As a bonus, the social interaction at the buffet table promotes bonding among employees or with clients, hence creating a more positive work environment.

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Banquet-style meals can alleviate some of the stress of a busy workday with the social dynamics they create. They also offer a chance for those who enjoy variety to try different flavors. Moreover, everyone taking the portion that suits them reduces waste and excess.


Sharing food not only enhances its richness, but also makes it a more cost-effective option.


We have designed a catering service that can be ordered on the same day for meetings ranging from four to 20 people. Instead of creating individual bowls using the Bases and Extra ingredients in our restaurant menu, we package these products separately to be served in a communal style. We have large-capacity thermoses to keep our soups warm. Depending on the number of people, we bring porcelain bowls and serving dishes, and we collect them on the same day. This way, we can significantly reduce the consumption of disposable products.


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