We operate a restaurant at the edge of Taksim Square, and pop-ups in places with a relevant story to tell.


The focus of our kitchen is to make the simplest menu also the richest. For that, we use the “best” ingredients we can find, and let our guests customize their bowls based on their informed choices.


It allows for thousands of unique combinations–each one good for the body and good for the planet. 

We provide catering services for private events as well as for office lunches, always using the “best” ingredients and a zero-waste approach.


We aim to satisfy sophisticated hosts who care about the ethics of food as much as its presentation. We also serve corporate/institutional clients who put real value on environmental sustainability, and also want to keep their employees and business partners happy and healthy.

We offer a subscription service for individuals who want to make healthy eating a habit.


More than just another weight-loss scheme, our program promotes long-term wellbeing. We make quality, customization, and convenience the three pillars of this offering. As always, we use the “best” ingredients and a zero-waste approach; and let individuals create the plan that is ideal for their body, their goals, and their schedule.    

To us, "best" ingredients mean local, organic, and sustainably produced.
They may not always look the best, but they certainly taste and feel the best..