We're looking for ways to build a healthy, resilient, and fulfilling life in a mega city...

We've started with our relationship with food.

Come and join our journey!
We'll get there sooner together...

Food is at the core of our physical health and our joy of life; but also of the damage we cause to our environment. That’s why we’ve started our exploration with food. We’re active in the production as well as consumption of food–our value proposition is understanding both aspects well, repairing/revitalizing the existing links, and creating new ones, as necessary. We design urban farming systems that allow local food production, we maintain urban farms to demonstrate that it is possible to grow food even in the most central locations in the city, and we run restaurant and catering operations that offer healthy and environmentally sustainable food options to complete the cycle. We also organize workshops, events, and art exhibitions to increase awareness on topics that will make our city, and others like it, more livable.

Q: Is EK BİÇ YE İÇ a social enterprise?
A: That’s the hope!


Q: Is EK BİÇ YE İÇ a for-profit business?
A: In a permaculture kind of way…


Q: Is EK BİÇ YE İÇ an agri-business?
A: Yes, indeed.


Q: Is EK BİÇ YE İÇ a cafe/restaurant?
A: Most of the time.  (Also offers catering services and meal subscriptions…)


Q: Is EK BİÇ YE İÇ an educational institution?
A: As far as creating and sharing knowledge is concerned, potentially.


Q: Is EK BİÇ YE İÇ a tech startup?
A: It sure is.


Q: Is EK BİÇ YE İÇ a design studio?
A: You nailed it!


Q: Is EK BİÇ YE İÇ an art space?
A: Why not…

No, we are not intentionally trying to be confusing. And it is not that we, ourselves, are confused. Our goal is clear and simple: We want to figure out how to live a healthy, resilient, and fulfilling life in our big city. But for that, we have to scale some fences, diffuse through some walls, maybe break some glass in order to spend time in places that are in-between. We sometimes choose to ignore the formats, habits, myths, and ways of doing business of our current system as we know they won’t lead us where we want to go. If it makes you smile to see a weed coming out of a narrow crack on a concrete wall, we trust you understand us.

We use design and technology guided by permaculture principles to create little oases in the city for a multitude of species to live and thrive together. When these green dots are multiplied by the hundreds and connected together through various networks of living organisms, we will achieve our dream of a city with a vibrant, productive, and resilient ecosystem. In the meantime, each dot independently is meant to provide sufficient harvest and joy to inspire a small community around it to join this effort towards our bigger dream…


Enjoy the present

Let’s eat good food, drink whatever we please (but of course, responsibly), listen to good music, dance if we’d like to, and have passionate conversations with people who bring the best out of us; always try to stay close to nature–be comforted, nurtured, inspired by it.

Protect our future

Let’s make choices that won’t limit our options in the future; support local production, stop wasteful consumption; care for social- and bio-diversity as without them, there’s no future.

Create a win for all

Let’s make money to be financially sustainable, but not be a fool to think profit has to be the only goal; make sure our team, our suppliers, and our customers draw some real benefits from our business as well as–hopefully–everybody else living in our city (who may or may not be aware of our goals.)

Together, make a difference

Let’s welcome people who want to contribute their time, experience, and/or expertise; always continue to research, experiment, never be afraid of failing; share the learnings from our successes and failures so that we increase the chances of our dreams becoming reality.


If our goals appeal to you, here are a few ways you can get involved and contribute: